My workshop programmes are designed to help people take better photographs of the natural world. Many people have fantastic camera equipment and lenses but still fail to get the kind of images of nature that they want. The truth is that beautiful images of wildlife come from an understanding and knowledge of the natural world, whatever camera or lens you are using. It’s called field craft. and the most expensive equipment won’t help very much if you have no feel for wild creatures and how to get close to them.

Over many years of filming and photographing wildlife I have come to realise time and again just how vitally important field craft is, not only in getting the images that you want but also as an art in itself. Few things give me as much pleasure as being close to wild creatures and it doesn’t really matter much to me if it’s a Leopard, an Otter or simply a flock of Gold Finches in my garden; the challenges are very similar.

Each workshop will be practical, focused on getting out into the field amongst the wildlife and striving to get the very best pictures we can. In each case we will be going to a place or habitat and working with species I know and have worked with before.

Ian McCarthy
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